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Botanical Wonderland

RRP $24.99

An inviting collection of lush botanical drawings to color, created in mixed-media artist Rachel Reinert’s lovely and distinctive style. Reinert’s fresh take on modern florals has earned her a following among private collectors and interior decorators, and Botanical Wonderland makes her aesthetic accessible to everyone. Each illustration is hand-drawn and printed on single-sided perforated pages for easy framing, and the book includes a few finished, fully colored botanical paintings to inspire would-be artists to draw their own beautiful works. One bonus sheet, colored and signed by Rachel, will be included in the back of the book.

A Botanical Nightmare

RRP $18.99

A BOTANICAL NIGHTMARE collects a half-dozen Victorian weird tales featuring "the Green Menace" -- evil plants that entrap, strangle, and leach the blood of their victims. These "six succulent stories of vampiric vegetation" include contributions by H.G. Wells, E. & H. Heron, Phil Robinson, and E. Nesbit, as well as an adventure featuring literature's first psychic detective, Mr. Flaxman Low. Included is an introduction by Series Editor Tom English. A BOTANICAL NIGHTMARE is the first volume in the Literary Vampire Series, edited by Tom English and presenting the early English prose and poetry that helped shape Bram Stoker's DRACULA and create an enduring sub-genre of horror fiction.

Advances In Botanical Research Vol. 39

RRP $35.00

Advances in Botanical Research publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics that appeal to post-graduates and researchers in plant sciences -- including botany, plant biochemistry, plant pathology and plant physiology. In 1995, Advances in Botanical Research was merged with Advances in Plant Pathology to provide one comprehensive resource for the plant science community, with equal coverage of plant pathology and botany in both thematic and mixed volumes. Volume 39 is a cumulative subject index that details the contents of Volumes 1 through 38 in addition to a complete contributor list
Cumulative Subject Index of Volumes 1-38
Includes coverage of more than 30 years of publication


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