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Floral Tangles

RRP $16.99

Featuring 30 black and white drawings, Floral Tangles is a wonderful coloring book for stress relief and relaxation. The unique and intricate nature-themed designs are suitable for coloring for grown-ups as well as for children. Try out innumerable color combinations and create interesting patterns. Revitalize your creativity. This book is meant for you so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun. The illustrations are printed on one side of the page. Happy Coloring

Flora Of Siberia: Vol. 10

RRP $287.99

This volume contains data on morphology, ecology, and chorology of feral species and subspecies of 31 families of flowering plants. The families have been arranged essentially according to the Engler system. Conforming to the latest views (Takhtadzhyn, Sistema magnoliofitov [System of Magnoliophyta] 1987), some families have, however, been subdivided into some smaller families. Thus, family Biebersteiniaceae has been separated from family Geraniaceae; family Zygophyllaceae s.l. is represented in Siberia by 4 smaller (in volume) families: Zygophyllaceae s. str., Rutaceae, Nitrariaceae, and Peganaceae. This critical study has provided the specific characteristics of taxonomy and chorology of 299 species and subspecies belonging to 101 genera including 6 taxa that are new for science and their diagnosis in Latin.

Flora Photograhy

RRP $49.95

Steve Parish, whose highly successful career as one of Australia's best-loved nature photographers spans 50 years, shares his specialist knowledge and love of flora photography and provides detailed and practical information on equipment, light and lighting, design, technique and locations.

This practical Wild Australia Guide shares Steve's wealth of experience with budding photographers. Packed with "how-to" information and stunning examples.


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