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Flora Capensis

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This seminal publication began life as a collaborative effort between the Irish botanist William Henry Harvey (1811 66) and his German counterpart Otto Wilhelm Sonder (1812 81). Relying on many contributors of specimens and descriptions from colonial South Africa - and building on the foundations laid by Carl Peter Thunberg, whose Flora Capensis (1823) is also reissued in this series - they published the first three volumes between 1860 and 1865. These were reprinted unchanged in 1894, and from 1896 the project was supervised by William Thiselton-Dyer (1843 1928), director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. A final supplement appeared in 1933. Reissued now in ten parts, this significant reference work catalogues more than 11,500 species of plant found in South Africa. Volume 4 appeared in two parts, the first comprising sections published between 1905 and 1909, covering Vacciniaceae to Gentianeae."

A Guide To The Alpine And Subalpine Flora Of Mount Jaya

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Based on five expeditions to the area by Kew and its Indonesian collaborators, and incorporating records from previous expeditions, A Guide to the Subalpine and Alpine Flora of Mount Jaya is a comprehensive record of the high elevation flora of the tallest mountain in South-East Asia, and an indispensable resource for everyone with an interest in the ecological management of New Guinea and the Lorentz World Heritage Area in particular.

Concise descriptions of all species of flowering plants, ferns and gymnosperms growing above 2,800 metres, with notes on their ecology, distribution and conservation status
Line drawings illustrating an example of each genus
More than 70 colour photographs of plants and their habitats
A succinct introduction to the region's geology, climate and geomorphology

Hearts And Florals -- Book 1

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Thanks for entering into this adventure in coloring. I am looking forward to sharing my love and passion for artistic coloring with you. I created all of the 30 images in this book by hand using my own personal collection of photos taken by myself as inspiration. I then used various symmetry software tools to complete the overall designs you see here. Although the images are copyrighted, as the buyer of this book, please feel free to copy them for your personal use. If you choose to do so, this will keep the book new and ready for use. Some folks prefer to color on a heavier paper so that the color from marker pens will not bleed through the paper. I'll often color on 80lb paper. Each image is on only one side of the page, the reverse side being left blank. If you'd rather color right inside the book, I'd recommend using blotter paper or a thin piece of cardboard behind your page, just to protect the next image from any color bleeding through to the next page, especially if you plan to use marker pens for coloring. This will keep all your images clean for you to work on. It is also fine for you to use regular crayons or colored pencils. The designs are suitable from beginning to advanced students. The important thing is . . . HAVE FUN! Don't forget to check out my other books in the HEARTS AND FLORALS series. I am dedicated to producing these designs for you. - Marie Kaye"


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