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A Revised Handbook To The Flora Of Ceylon

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Although ferns were not included in Trimen?s original five-volume ?A Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon?, they form a significant part of the vascular flora of the island. A good deal of fern research was carried out contemporaneously to, but independently of Trimen?s work. Publications, though, were widely scattered throughout the literature or constituted major works in their own right, i.e. that of R.H. Beddome 1863-1883. Therefore, an additional volume, in the new work ?A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon?, was published in order to provide an accessible taxonomic base for studies on this element of Sri Lankan vegetation.

The European Garden Flora

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The European Garden Flora is the definitive manual for the accurate identification of cultivated ornamental flowering plants. Designed to meet the highest scientific standards, the vocabulary has nevertheless been kept as uncomplicated as possible so that the work is fully accessible to the informed gardener as well as the professional botanist. Comprehensive keys are provided at the level of family, genus and species and line diagrams are included to illustrate the important diagnostic features of critical taxa. Reference is made to useful illustrations and taxonomic accounts and a small amount of guidance on cultivation is provided for many genera. This new edition has been thoroughly reorganised and revised, bringing it into line with modern taxonomic knowledge. Although European in name, the Flora covers plants cultivated in most areas of the United States and Canada as well as in non-tropical parts of Asia and Australasia.

Hearts And Florals -- Book 2

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Thanks for entering into this adventure in coloring. I am looking forward to sharing my love and passion for artistic coloring with you. I created all of the 30 images in this book by hand using my own personal collection of photos taken by myself as inspiration. I then used various symmetry software tools to complete the overall designs you see here. Although the images are copyrighted, as the buyer of this book, please feel free to copy them for your personal use. If you choose to do so, this will keep the book new and ready for use. Some folks prefer to color on a heavier paper so that the color from marker pens will not bleed through the paper. I'll often color on 80lb paper. Each image is on only one side of the page, the reverse side being left blank. If you'd rather color right inside the book, I'd recommend using blotter paper or a thin piece of cardboard behind your page, just to protect the next image from any color bleeding through to the next page, especially if you plan to use marker pens for coloring. This will keep all your images clean for you to work on. It is also fine for you to use regular crayons or colored pencils. The designs are suitable from beginning to advanced students. The important thing is . . HAVE FUN! Don't forget to check out my other books in the HEARTS AND FLORALS series. I am dedicated to producing these designs for you. - Marie Kaye"


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