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A Revised Handbook Of The Flora Of Ceylon

RRP $640.99

Seventh volume (in no planned sequence) of the revision of the works of Trimen, Alston, Abeywickrama. A worthy successor to a great and extremely scarce work. We lament that this revision is printed on acidic paper. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Floral Festivities

RRP $19.99

Using mindfulness techniques and coloring therapy, this adult coloring book gives you the space to be creative by coloring simple line drawings of beautiful flowers, trees and nature.

Inspired by principles of simplicity and serenity, the drawings in this book will make you want to get out into the garden and soak up the beauty of nature.

With over 30 glorious line drawings of plants big, small, simple and ornate, this adult coloring book will bring you some much needed down time to inspire your dreams, soothe your mind and engage your creativity.

Floral Festivities: A Coloring Book of Nature is part of a new seven-part series of adult coloring books from Emily M Morgan and Stories Publishers. The other coloring books in the series include Artful Architecture, Intriguing Intricacies, Checks and Balances, Ripples and Reflections, Scatterings and Speckles and Flying, Leaping, Swimming Creeping: A Coloring Book of Animals.

More details on the other books in the series and information on other available journals and adult coloring journals can be found at http: // and http: //

A Guide To The Alpine And Subalpine Flora Of Mount Jaya

RRP $332.99

Based on five expeditions to the area by Kew and its Indonesian collaborators, and incorporating records from previous expeditions, A Guide to the Subalpine and Alpine Flora of Mount Jaya is a comprehensive record of the high elevation flora of the tallest mountain in South-East Asia, and an indispensable resource for everyone with an interest in the ecological management of New Guinea and the Lorentz World Heritage Area in particular.

Concise descriptions of all species of flowering plants, ferns and gymnosperms growing above 2,800 metres, with notes on their ecology, distribution and conservation status
Line drawings illustrating an example of each genus
More than 70 colour photographs of plants and their habitats
A succinct introduction to the region's geology, climate and geomorphology


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