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Vertical Gardening

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Gardening is a hobby which has long been a favorite among people owing to the good health benefits it entails. Not only does it add to a person's life, they help to cut down on carbon emissions. Similarly, many people are fond of pursuing gardening just because there is so much joy in seeing something bloom or shoot out its first sprouts. While many people are openly green thumbed, they could literally plant anything in the middle of the desert and it would bloom under their care. How does a beginner start off in gardening? Likewise, if you're cramped on space or living in an apartment with limited sunshine and limited room, how does one pursue their gardening hobby in a manner which won't produce a bunch of withered plants? The answer to all these questions and more lies in the simple gardening technique known as vertical gardening. With the help of this report, we'll discuss in detail, the ins and outs of vertical gardening. Covering all aspects of vertical gardening, we'll explore all the ways that a beginner can start making their own vertical garden at home or anywhere else where they could want to make it.

Container Gardening 101

RRP $18.99

Hi, I'm Pauline Waldeck, I'm an Australian nursery owner and gardening enthusiast and I'm here to teach you exactly how to build a fantastic garden, and have fun while doing it! Be sure to claim the bonus content on offer in this book Here is a Preview Of What Container Gardening 101 contains:A look into what container gardening actually is Benefits of container gardening Things required to build a thriving container garden How to design your very own container garden How to correctly prepare your soil *A MUST READ* How to correctly select plants suitable How to maintain your container garden correctly Common pests and diseases explained, along with how to deal with them Common issues gardeners run into with container gardens And much, much more!

Gardening à La Mode

RRP $15.95

Brimming with timeless recipes and gardening suggestions, this pocket-sized guide was written by a popular magazine columnist of the late 19th century. Mrs. de Salis' advice extends from cooking Brussels sprouts and preserving potatoes to drying herbs and dealing with weevils. A companion to Gardening a la Mode: Fruits, the book features alphabetized entries and an index for easy reference."


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