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A Teen Guide To Eco-gardening, Food, And Cooking

RRP $19.99

"Eco-Guides are trendy, stylish books that give school-age readers realistic and practical advice on how they can live an eco-conscious life, right now. And that action can be taken by themselves, with their family, or as part of a school or community group. In this book, readers learn how to grow things in even the smallest of spaces, source eco-friendly food, think about water, energy and packaging waste, and prepare delicious dishes."

Keyhole Gardening

RRP $18.99

Growing vegetables in small spaces or under adverse conditions can be a bit of a challenge at times! This is where niche gardening ideas like the Keyhole Garden come into play, and small spaces can be converted to produce great results. Growing vegetables for some can be a rewarding pastime, whilst for others it is a question of survival - if you can't grow it, then you can't eat it! Here we have one of the most successful of the Niche Vegetable Gardening ideas, but perhaps one that is the least talked about - Keyhole Gardening. Originally conceived off and promoted by the charity and now used successfully by many enthusiastic gardeners worldwide. Keyhole Gardening can now take its place amongst the other niche gardening methods such as Raised Bed, Square Foot, Straw Bale, and container gardening - to name but a few. If you would like to get the best results out of your vegetable growing efforts in small spaces or with limited resources - perhaps it's time to give the Keyhole Gardening concept a chance to impress!

Quick & Easy Gardening

RRP $11.99

Creating a beautiful outdoor space in under an hour a week. You can create a stunning garden that is quick to establish, and can be maintained in under an hour a week. It includes practical advice on using time-saving equipment and techniques for maximum effort in minimum time. It features inspiration for five easy-care gardens to suit your taste in design. It includes a useful chart of simple-to-grow plants, showing their individual cultivation requirements. It is perfect for every weekend gardener who wants to spend time enjoying their garden rather than working on it. Sections include easy garden maintenance, easy-care gardens, low-maintenance landscaping, low-maintenance plants, ideas for special features, easy-care plants and the common names of plants. If you long for a beautiful garden but have limited time to create and care for one, here is a quick and handy guide that will show you how to create the garden of your dreams with minimum effort. The book explains how careful planning, design and planting will ensure trouble-free gardening in the future and gives lots of useful information on the best equipment and techniques. There are recommendations for easy plants that require very little aftercare, as well as inspiration for five garden styles, and shortcuts to create usually time-consuming special features. With its wealth of invaluable advice, this is the ideal sourcebook for the time-pressed garden lover.


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