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Flowers Adult Coloring Book (whimsical Gardens)

RRP $16.99

30 whimsical flowery designs full of the joys of spring:

  • This adult colouring book features 30 wonderfully creative original illustrations, some representing people, some animals, mandalas or gardens, all having a flower theme
  • Each design is printed on only one side of the page, on pure white paper
  • Different complexity levels to fit your mood
  • Engage in the soothing activity of colouring, relax and enjoy hours of fun and mindful calm
  • Rediscover the simple joy of colouring while you transform each illustration into your personal masterpiece
  • Happy colouring!

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    A Beginner's Guide To Rock Gardens

    RRP $16.99

    Table of Contents A Beginner's Guide to Rock Gardens Introduction Wrong Way Of Placing Rocks The Right Way to Place Rock Stones Good Rock Work- Flat Ground Wall Stones on Slopes Choosing the Best Soil Building Your Rock Garden Planting Your Rock Plants Maintenance Conifers Bulbs List of Rock Plants, depending on the Particular Conditions and Places Rock Plants For Walls Crazy paving plants - Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Rock gardens have been part of landscaping and gardening lore for millenniums. In the East Japanese rock gardens or Zen gardens have been places where people could meditate in serene and harmonious surroundings. Why are more people designing their own gardens incorporating at least one rock garden in the design? Even if the rock garden is quite small, it is going to add a touch of distinction to the landscaping of your garden. In Japan, rock gardens were normally built as dry landscape gardens, where a number of landscapes were made up of natural compositions made from natural products incorporated into a landscape. These natural items included bushes, trees, Moss, water, rocks and sand. One believes that the concept of rock gardening originated in China, especially when the ancient religion of Shintoism spoke about places of harmony where one could commune with nature and the spirit in serenity. These were normally made in monasteries, where they could be seen from one focal point, like say the porch of the head priest of the monastery. These dry Landscape gardens which you call a Zen garden in Japan were built to be seen from one viewpoint, with the walling closed around it in ancient times. Nowadays they stretch on for miles incorporating all the natural features available and present in the area to make up harmonious surroundings. Japanese Zen gardens go back to 784 BC. Chinese gardens have been around for even longer. The incorporation of gravel and white sand in a Zen or rock garden was an important feature. These were the symbol of distance, emptiness, purity, white space and water. All these symbols were supposed to aid in meditation. White sand and gravel used harmoniously together were also used around temples, shrines and palaces.

    Caversham Court Gardens

    RRP $12.99

    Written by The Friends of Caversham Court Gardens this guide covers the history of all the houses built on the riverside site, starting with a 12th century rectory. This was replaced by a Tudor house, and this in turn was remodelled in the Victorian era. The site was bought by Reading Borough Council in the 1930s and the last house was demolished in 1933. In 2004 with Heritage lottery funding the council was able to reconstruct the site, restoring the footprints of the houses and the buildings remaining on the site. The richly illustrated guide covers the history of the houses that stood on the site, the families who lived there and the development of the gardens through the ages.


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