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Caversham Court Gardens

RRP $12.99

Written by The Friends of Caversham Court Gardens this guide covers the history of all the houses built on the riverside site, starting with a 12th century rectory. This was replaced by a Tudor house, and this in turn was remodelled in the Victorian era. The site was bought by Reading Borough Council in the 1930s and the last house was demolished in 1933. In 2004 with Heritage lottery funding the council was able to reconstruct the site, restoring the footprints of the houses and the buildings remaining on the site. The richly illustrated guide covers the history of the houses that stood on the site, the families who lived there and the development of the gardens through the ages.

The House In Norham Gardens

RRP $19.99

"No.40 Norham Gardens, Oxford, is the home of Clare Mayfield, her two aged aunts and two lodgers. The house is a huge Victorian monstrosity, with rooms all full of old furniture, old papers, old clothes, memorabilia - it is like a living museum. Clare discovers in a junk room the vividly painted shield which her great-grandfather, an eminent anthropologist, had brought back from New Guinea. She becomes obsessed with its past and determined to find out more about its strange tribal origins. Dreams begin to haunt her - dreams of another country, another clture, another time, and of shadowy people whom she feels are watching her. Who are they, and what do they want?"

Home Gardener's Wildlife Gardens

RRP $14.99

One of the special joys of having outdoor space is the wildlife it attracts-and this Specialist volume helps gardeners turn their little plot of land into an animal-friendly haven. Concise and easy to use, It gives expert advice on planning and planting to create an ideal environment for birds, butterflies, reptiles, and mammals-a place where these wild creatures will find everything they need to survive and thrive. There's pond-building guidance, instructions for assembling and siting nesting boxes and feeders, ideas for both town and country gardens, and advice on making the area pet- and child-safe.


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