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Indoor Radio Planning - A Practical Guide For 2g, 3g And 4g, Third Edition

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Why is high performance indoor wireless service needed, and how is it best implemented? As the challenge of providing better service and higher data speeds and quality for mobile applications intensifies, ensuring adequate in-building and tunnel coverage and capacity is increasingly important. A unique, single-source reference on the theoretical and practical knowledge behind indoor and tunnel radio planning, this book provides a detailed overview of mobile networks systems, coverage and capacity solutions with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular system technologies as a backdrop. 

All of the available solutions, from basic passive distributed antenna systems (DAS) through to advanced fiber optic systems supporting MIMO as well as Small Cell design are discussed in detail to give the reader a good understanding. Systematically moving from the basic considerations through to advanced indoor planning, aspects such as upgrading passive DAS from 2G to 3G and 4G noise analysis, link budgets, traffic calculations and software tools that can be used to help create in-building designs are also covered all from a pragmatic and practical angle. 


Passive Methods As A Solution For Improving Indoor Environments 2012

RRP $338.99

There are many aspects to consider when evaluating or improving an indoor environment; thermal comfort, energy saving, preservation of materials, hygiene and health are all key aspects which can be improved by passive methods of environmental control.Passive Methods as a Solution for Improving Indoor Environments endeavours to fill the lack of analysis in this area by using over ten years of research to illustrate the effects of methods such as thermal inertia and permeable coverings; for example, the use of permeable coverings is a well known passive method, but its effects and ways to improve indoor environments have been rarely analyzed.

Passive Methods as a Solution for Improving Indoor Environments includes both software simulations and laboratory and field studies. Through these, the main parameters that characterize the behavior of internal coverings are defined. Furthermore, a new procedure is explained in depth which can be used to identify the real expected effects of permeable coverings such as energy conservation and local thermal comfort as well as their working periods in controlling indoor environments.

This theoretical base is built on by considering future research work including patents and construction indications which will improve indoor environmental conditions with evidence from real data. This makesPassive Methods as a Solution for Improving Indoor Environments an ideal resource for specialists and researchers focusing on indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and energy saving or with a general interest in controlling indoor environments with passive methods.

Environment Learning For Indoor Mobile Robots : A Stochastic State Estimation Approach To Simultaneous Localization And Map Building

RRP $574.99

Simultaneous Localization and Map Building.- Marginal Filter Stability.- Suboptimal Filter Stability.- Unscented Transformation of Vehicle States.- Simultaneous Localization, Control and Mapping.- A: The Kalman Filter.- B: Concepts from Linear Algebra.- C: Sigma Points.


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