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The Principles Of Alternative Investments Management

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The purpose of this book is to present the principles of alternative investments in management. The individual chapters provide a detailed analysis of various classes of alternative investments on the financial market. Despite many different definitions of alternative investments, it can be assumed that a classical approach to alternative investments includes hedge funds, fund of funds (FOF), managed accounts, structured products and private equity/venture capital. Alternative investment in keeping with this broad definition is the subject of consideration here. The theoretical part of each chapter is meant to collect, systematize and deepen readers' understanding of a given investment category, while the practical part of each focuses on an analysis of the current state of development of alternative investments on the global market and outlines the prospects of future market development. This book will be a valuable tool for scholars, practitioners and policy-makers alike.

A Guide To Supervising Non-native English Writers Of Theses And Dissertations

RRP $384.99

A growing number of students who are non-native speakers of English are enrolled in Masters and Ph.D. programs at universities across the world where English is the language of communication. These students often encounter difficulties when writing a thesis or dissertation in English- primarily understanding the requirements and expectations of the new academic context and the conventions of academic writing. Focused on the writing process,A Guide to Supervising Non-native English Writers of Theses and Dissertations presents accounts of writing difficulties and issues from both supervisors' and students' perspectives, identifies key issues, offers a synthesis and critical appraisal of a range of published approaches to addressing them, and provides hands-on, tested, practical solutions. Designed for easy use by writing supervisors, this concise guide relates practical approaches tospecific writing issues (relationship between reading for and preparing to write up part-genres; creating arguments; making and evaluating claims, judgements and conclusions; coherence and cohesion; generic and discipline-specific writing conventions). Numerous textual samples from students illustrate actual writing difficulties and how supervisors worked towards solutions

Alternative Globalizations

RRP $287.99

Are the growing oppositions to neoliberal market globalism (especially in the aftermath of global economic meltdown) able to develop meaningful alternative ideologies? Is there any substantial alternative to the world capitalist system on the horizon? How would the ideologies and ideas address the dire dilemmas of economy vs. ecology, redistribution vs. recognition, global vs. local, reform vs. revolution etc.?

This book answers such important questions by examining the intellectual structure of the so-called 'anti-globalization' or 'global justice' movement. It explores the formation and transformation of ideas, identities, and solidarities in the movement. The book also develops an analytical model to explain the movement's ideational novelties and continuities in terms of both activist social experiences and global social changes.

Hosseini develops new sociological concepts, integrates opposing theoretical perspectives into one approach, and addresses the gap between critical theories and activist practices. Through this endeavor, he discovers an emerging mode of consciousness which is characterized by its cross-identity and cross-ideological nature. This is a live but quiet global revolution.

Drawing on a variety of disciplines, this gourd-breaking volume will be of interest to students and scholars of global studies, political sciences, sociology and social movement studies.


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