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Wild And Sown Grasses,profiles Of A Temperate Species Selection,ecology,biodiversity And Use

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With the intensification of agriculture during the last century, the number of grass species was reduced. A small number of species were selected and have come to dominate the grasslands and the seed market. A documented plea for a re-evaluation of spontaneous grasses, this book contains profiles of 43 temperate species, many of which are regaining importance in the context of agricultural intensification. Amply illustrated, each profile includes a description of the plant, its ecological requirements, its agronomic characteristics and its uses, including innovative and unusual. Wild and sown grasses is an invaluable work of reference for students of agriculture, lecturers, researchers, consultants, ecologists, nature conservationists and other involved in the diverse uses of grass communities. [Co-published with Blackwell Publishing, UK.]

Dyrwtv A Temperate Forest?

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"A child astronaut takes an imaginary trip to Saturn, learns about the harsh conditions on the gas planet, and decides that Earth is a good home after all. Includes solar system diagram, Saturn vs. Earth fact chart, and glossary"--Provided by publisher.

Boreal And Temperate Trees In A Changing Climate 2016

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Boreal and temperate tree species are adapted to the seasonally varying climatic conditions with their annual cycle of development so that the frost hardy dormant phase and the susceptible growth phase are synchronized with the seasonality of the climate. The annual cycle includes various attributes such as timing of bud burst and other phenological events, and seasonality of photosynthetic capacity or frost hardiness of the trees. During the last few decades dynamic ecophysiological models have been used increasingly in studies of the annual cycle, especially when projecting the ecological effects of climate change. These studies are reviewed and some additional new ideas on the topic are also introduced. A unifying notation is used throughout the book when discussing different aspects of the annual cycle. Main emphasis is on combining modelling with experimental studies and on the importance of the biological realism of the models


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