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Growing Stock Volume Estimation In Temperate Forested Areas Using A Fusion Approach With Sar Satellites Imagery

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"The PhD thesis written by Mr. Ackermann is an outstanding and in-depth scientific study that closes a research gap and paves the way to new developments. Despite the extremely complex issues, his work is very understandable and excellently elaborated."
Prof. Dr. Christiane Schmullius
"The PhD thesis written by Mr. Ackermann is an excellent and very comprehensive work performed at the highest scientific level. It examines in detail the potential of SAR data with regards to the derivation of forest stem volume in the temperate latitudes. The work belongs to a technically complex field. Nevertheless, Mr. Ackermann has succeeded in presenting the content in a clear and understandable way."
Dr. Christian Thiel
"The proposed document is overall of very good quality. Mr. Ackermann has done an exhaustive analysis of the in-situ data available on the Thuringian forest and was able to derive Growing Stocking Volume using L- and X-band spaceborne SAR data. The document is very well structured with a good split of information between the core of the text presented in the 6 chapters and the 4 annexes, which contain detailed results. Mr. Ackermann's English grammar is excellent and his syntax is crystal clear, making his document pleasant to read. The way arguments are presented is logical and Mr. Ackermann gives a lot of attention to ensuring that sound explanations properly support these arguments."
Dr. Maurice Borgeaud

Wild And Sown Grasses Profiles Of A Temperate Species Selection

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In temperate areas, grasslands can occupy 50% of the agricultural area, providing up to 75% of fodder for cattle playing an essential role in farming systems. This important book provides comprehensive details of 40 major grass species. For each species included, an anatomical description is given together with full colour photographs and comprehensive details concerning the ecological requirements and agronomic properties species-by-species.<br> <br> This book provides an invaluable reference source for any scientist involved in work with grass.

Diversity And Interaction In A Temperate Forest Community

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The studies in the Ogawa Forest Reserve (OPR) were initiated by a group of plant ecologists and gradually expanded into a comprehensive project covering various aspects of biology, soil science, and silviculture. The project was integrated as part of the Forest Ecosystem Team under the BIO-COSMOS Program funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. As the coordinators of the Forest Ecosystem Team, we are pleased that reports of the long-term studies carried out in the OFR are being published in this first volume on Japanese ecosystems in the Ecological Studies series. Scientists and researchers have made numerous contributions to the field of forest ecology during more than 10 years of studies in the OFR. Two reasons can be cited for the success of the project: scientists from various disciplines concen­ trated on a single target forest ecosystem, and the research continued over a rela­ tively long term. It is now recognized that ecological processes include compli­ cated mechanisms supported by interactions among organisms and large temporal variations. The researchers in the OFR project were motivated by their interest in the history of ecosystems and the interactions of diverse creatures in the forest.


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